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Parents are the ones who brought us up, the ones who shower us with their care, love and concern. Anywhere with them is a Home. When we are young, we are always mischievous and sometimes, when Parents get really really mad at us, they always threaten or frighten us by saying that they are going to throw us somewhere and abandon us. Then most of us, as a kid would really cry and beg and pull and whatsoever just to make them bring us back home.. Looking back at those times, we knew that parents do that as a fraud, and they don’t mean it. They never do. Their aim was just to frighten us, so that we would learn our lessons.

As children grew up, they learnt how to make money with their own hands, have their families, all these was something that parents would regard as a happy event. Cos their children are finally independent, and they can finally put down their burden and enjoy life. Instead of enjoying, some are suffering now..

Parents are always there when we needed them… But now, many people are abandoning their parents. Just like how they used to frighten us when we are a child. However, all these people who abandoned their parents, they mean it. To say it in a crude way, they really leave their parents out there to die. When events like Mother’s day, Father’s day, and their Birthdays, all that was left in their mind was all the happy memories that they once had with their child. Celebrating together, cutting cakes, unwrapping presents, and making a wish… … All these was now in the past.

Now, some abandoned elderly, still have their husband or wife with them. but those who don’t, i guess, no one will ever understand how their heart really aches.

All those who mistreat their Parents.. May retribution happen to them..


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